Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ooooh; he cooks, finally.

I've been cooking a little bit, but way way below par. Rusty.
My evening lamb chops are improving, inspired perhaps today by SOSL's Rachmaninov.
Here is a new variation: season, with salt and pepper, and sear, for 1.30 mins on each side, and add cup of water in which is mixed: one spoon thai red chilli paste, one spoon of chinese chilli paste, extra garlic paste, a tiny bit of ginger, two spoons of olive oil. Deglaze and simmer for 20 mins. Its done, except it needs a tiny bit of sweetner for balance. I tried a drop or two of kitul treacle, but the resulting colour was too dark. Carrots or fruit in the dish itself, would be better.

But season, sear and then degalze, add liquid, (with what ever) for 20 mins, and reduce is the general idea.

Lamb chops from Keels,
photo with Canon Powershot S100, digital.

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