Friday, December 02, 2005

Aspects of the Buddha

Aspects of the Buddha
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Details and views of some of the giant medieval stone and sandstone Buddhas of Lanka. Some are part of complexes, like Galviharaya and Buduruwagala, at Pollonaruwa and Wallawaya, with several statues in one, some are pairs, like the Buddha and Bodhisathwa at Maligawila, and one a pair of master work and pale student copy, at Avukana and Saseruwa.
I got absorbed with the expression of the Buddha’s face and features, in trying to understand Lionel Wendt’s interest in that subject, but also, after that, in trying to understand sadness. If there is some thing that might be called "post-sadness," that’s what's etched on the rock. Think about that.

Its taken me years of travel, with camera bag in hand, juggling leisure and work, to get them all. That doesn’t mean I think they are the greatest photographs; I’d really like to do better. But they are sign posts in many journeys of work, and finally, with flickr and blogger, I can share them around.

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Gayathri Chandrashekar said...

Happy seeing the very many aspects of buddha!

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