Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hi There!

I do many different things. Some say I do too much, flittering from one thing to the other. Perhaps.

I was trained as an cultural anthropologist, in graduate school, and earned a doctorate. I've practiced the discipline, for nearly ten years. I've written this and that, small contributions to that field, and edit a research journal, Domains, at ICES Colombo, where I am a Senior Research Fellow. I've also written a book of short stories.

But I find writing hard.

I started photography, when I was living in this beautiful house by the kalu-ganga, in 2001 and its taken hold of me. I like pictures. I started out with portraits, still life and landscapes. I got an account on flickr, and it was a lot a fun. I learnt huge amounts, quickly.
I started shooting food ingredients, while I cooked and then full blown food photography, much later, at the end of 2005. Thanks to Dominic Sansoni, I had my first international magazine publication, a few months later.

But its hardly a job for me; I just like to eat, cos I’m hungry a lot, and I like to take pictures, because I like looking at them.

Thank for visiting; I also like to share.
Welcome to my-halflife.


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