Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Morning Hopper

Morning Hopper
Originally uploaded by pradeep jeganathan.
What I am shooting for here, is the lacy, delicate edge of the hopper.
The rice flour, soft center, crisp edged, sorta pancake, any Sri Lankan loves.
Photographed very early in the morning.


sach said...

I just woke up and went through your blog. Having missed brekky and still waiting for lunch, this blog has made me very very hungry. Nice food and nice photos.

anush wij said...

ah, u gotta love The Hopper.... I tend to cheat a bit...and eat the crispy outer part, and leave the middle... :P

tari* said...

Fabulous post Pradeep, thanks! Mmm, miss food from home. And to Anush - haha, I've never met anyone who DOESN'T cheat!!! It's all good... :)

Anonymous said...

lace (edged) appam, my childhood favorite.

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