Friday, October 13, 2006

Stringhopper Morning

Stringhopper Morning
Originally uploaded by pradeep jeganathan.
The string hoppers were thick, fat and soft, almost noodle like, at Saman Villas. I like it though, and the kiri-hodi and fish curry were very well flavored. In general the food there was very very good!


Sav said...

the description is better than the pic :) you just gave me a severe craving for stringhoppers.. i gotta wait till the end of the year before i can even think of having any decent stuff :(

Phoenix said...

idiappam.. aww i miss moms cooking

pradeep-jeganathan said...

actually, me too, even though i live in colombo! homw cooked breakfasts are so hard to come by now (:
i'm glad i made ya hungry though -- and thank you for stopping by.

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