Sunday, December 10, 2006

On a table

On a table
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I had lunch, with a friend at Galle yesterday. At the place that used be the NOH, old, worn at the elbows, but still living.
Its different now -- Amangalla-- polished, grand, with new fittings and furniture that's ment to look old. I guess, I didn't really get into it, and the verandah where we sat for lunch was too warm (there was but one fan) -- and yes, flies kept stopping by at the table.

My roast chicken, with godamba roti, was a good idea, and the meat was really soft, flavorful and succulent, but the plating wasn't special enough to frame.

The cruet set, with its bottle blue inside the silver, sitting on the dull blue, rippled linen caught my eye.

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