Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roti Canai

This is what Savi was talking about, in her reply to my high tea post down below.

Very flaky and light, its a delicately made gothamba roti, eaten with Malay curry gravy, some times in the mornings.
I took this photo at the breakfast buffet, Royal Bintan Hotel, Kulula Lumpur, Malaysia, just before Christmas, 2006.
I've been traveling breathlessly; and I've got some more food shots to post.

Coming soon! Posted by Picasa


savi3 said...

good stuff that roti.first time i had it was at the little Malaysian restaurant in Soho (Rupert Street off chinatown i think).it was my first visit to Malaysia in Dec 06 and i was looking fwd to feasting on more roti but it was really hard to find in KL..none of the hawker stalls had it nor the avg restaurants.had some friends take me to a Pilawoos equivalent and feasted on it there and again in Penang at the E&O where it was in abundance at b'fast !

where else u been travelling? look fwd to seeing the other shots.

Sharanya Manivannan said...

You were here in KL? I wish I had known!

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