Thursday, February 08, 2007

Three Momos and sauce

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On the 26th of Jan., I was in Katmandu, Nepal for a conference, and when sat down to my first lunch at the Summit Hotel, a well run hotel in a nice part of town, I thought to order momos, which is actually a Tibetan preparation, I understand, but the only non-Indian dish, that one finds on the tourist track in Nepal.

The momos took some time to arrive, and were soft and warm, but the filling was to ordinary to excite me. A little too generic on the 'curry' side, for my taste. They weren’t as good the ones in Nepali restaurant in Madison, WI, which some of you may have eaten at.

Nevertheless, they looked super, I thought!

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drac said...

I remember having the same problem with the filling... although I had them at a few roadside cafes and not in a hotel :)

Fortunately, the cafes all stocked some extremely tasty (and quite hot) sauces. Breaking up the momo and adding the sauces to the mixture worked nicely for me :)

Also, you can get them to add green chillie pieces to the filling if you ask them nicely. Er. Anyway, I did and they obliged.

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