Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kata Dana Pizza

Kata Dana Pizza

After I'd blogged about my very own chillie laden pizza, I read Andrew ‘Shandy’ Sutton’s blog post on his favorite pizza place in Colombo the pizzeria at the Hotel Colombo Continental, or just the (old) Intercon, for those of us who grew up in Colombo. I’ve read Shandy’s reliable and responsible restaurant reviews before, and I remembered the beautiful location, of the Intercon Pizzeria, which over looks the sea, so I was keen to try it again, after all these years.
So we went over, Malathi and I, on Sunday afternoon. It was way to hot to sit on deck by the ocean, but we found a shady post over looking the pool on the other side. We ordered two pizza, and they took along time, way way long, nearly an hour, perhaps because the order had to travel to the main kitchen, and back, but I’d say it was worth it.

More Kata Dana Pizza
Malathi got a deviled prawn and tomato, the prawns were small and not very deviled, but the dough was lovely, and chewy, and flavors of topping so fresh and sharp. I got the capsicum salami one, and oh my, that was even better, the crispness of picante taste (a word I get from Kuntz & Kaminsky’s Elements of Taste), what we might call, kata-dana, blended so well with the melted cheese. It went well with my Carlsberg, and was Shandy promised, not very expensive at all – but you know what, I preferred my own, my home made Kata Dana Pizza.

So there!


N said...

ye gads...I just had dinner and I'm hungry again! Thanks for the link btw:)

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

hope ye had a snack :) your welcome on the link. tc - pradeep

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