Thursday, June 21, 2007

Red Chili Rice

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I’ve been trying to fuse risotto with kiribath. A risotto is typically rice, cooked in butter or olive oil, and then boiled in a flavorful stock. But there are variations, where milk is used instead of broth. Let's stay with that thought. Kiribath, on the other hand, is rice cooked in coconut milk, and some times infused with spices and jaggery for thai pongal. That's a sweet infusion; I want, yes, kata-dana.
Now I haven't got these dishes married yet -- I'm still playing with kiribath and I've been thinking of a two stage, savory kiribath over the past weeks -- I’ve done a green chili one, and today I tried a red chili one.
Knife, red & green

To make this, you take a cup of cooked basmati rice, a cup of thick coconut milk (1/3 cup of power to 2/3 cup of hot water), and boil it down in a heavy bottomed pan. When its really thick but before it begins to stick to the bottom, add two tablespoons of your favorite chili sauce – (I tried it today with one called thai heritage), a teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt, and stir it all nicely.
Its red chili rice. Your done! Its got a very milky texture of course, and smooth, soothing, soft taste to begin with, before the sharp heat kicks in.
I had to force my self to stop, take the photographs, before I finished the whole cup.
Then I had bottle of soda; it was that hot! But good.


n said...

when are you planning on writing a cook book? :)

Janus said...

That looks interesting.. like a really wet tomato rice bath..

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

it may take awhile yet to get done. the way i see it is this: the longer post here, on my blog, count as a page in the book. the photo and the text. i'll revise it, given comments -- but thats the general base.
i have a few pages, but not enough yet for a book, i think.

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