Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jehan Mendis

Jehan (iii)
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Jehan, in thought; discussing Tony Blair's legacy with Malathi de Alwis.

It was Shemani, Jehan & Malathi for dinner. I made roast chicken, with a kithul chili glaze, garlic butter potatoes, a red pepper, lettice salad and kithul ginger cream for desert. It was a so so meal I thought -- at least the chicken was decently roasted. There wasn't enough of the glaze, and perhaps the salad was soggy. Kothmale cream does not stand up, in its consistency, also.

But Jehan liked the chicken, Malathi the potatoes, and Shemani said the kithul cream was better that the arrack kithul panna cotta, she had the day before.

Tough critics, the lot of them -- But I enjoyed the evening a great deal!

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