Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tomato soup & idly, with red chili, tomato chutney

It turned out very complimentary – and so, I’ve declared them fused!

Iddly & Tomato Soup

The tomato soup, started with a chicken stock foundation, a good amount of tomatoes, flavored with lots of ginger and garlic, spiced with white pepper and black, and highlighted at the end, with a little tomato puree, and sugar. So much for that.

Soup is always good with bread of course. And I love, kade paan. But then I had a thought: well soup is to bread, as idly is to sambar, right? So why not cross fertilized. And so, I tried the Tomato soup with idly. Now idlies, which I love, can be quite bland. What makes them go is the particular coconut chutney that goes with it. And if it’s a tomato, red chili chutney, you’ve really got things singing along.
The rich, yet clean taste of tomato soup was well complimented by the hot, spicy taste and soft texture of the chutney inflected idly.

Its a tribute to the taste of tomatoes, really.

Tomatoes in the sun


Theena said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I love idly. I am hungry now.

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

What IS "kade pan" exactly? Are you refering to what's sold as "Roos Pan" or the stuff that's sold as "thati pan" ?

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