Friday, August 31, 2007

Fish (head) Soup, again

Fish head soup, is a great favorite of mine. Perhaps its a gross out for some, but don’t avoid it, until you’ve tried it! I make by boiling the fish head to break it up, then browning it and simmering it for hours, with garlic, a few tomatoes, and black pepper. I add a little karavala (dried fish), washed out first in boiling water, quite early. This gives the soup a really special taste.

I’ve blogged about this before, but this time, after the soup was done, I strained it, and creamed it with coconut milk power, topping it off with blanched pokchoy; so it looked a lot more 'sophisticated.' Ha ha.
No, its not a karavala hodda, but it recalls that – a favorite thing of mine with rice – but is subtler, richer and crunchy on the touch with the greens.

Fish (head) Soup, again


Jehan said...

Hey Pradeep,

Your cooking seems to just get better and better. This fish head recipe is inspiring - I feel like going and making some myself now.

Anyway, an invitation to dine at Amarasekara Mawatha is long overdue. How about Tuesday (4th) or Friday (7th)? (Basic student-level cooking, mind you).

I've lost my phone numbers by inadvertently jumping in a pool with my phone. So, if you could text me that would be great.


Pradeep Jeganathan said...

Thanks stopping by-- and looking forward to dinner.

Anh said...

This looks really good! I am a Vietnamese, and we also have our version of fish foup, which is a lighter broth.

You have an amazing blog! I am so glad to find yours.

Lauren said...

Hi Pradeep-

Moody pictures-I like them. I came to your blog by way of your book and a friend's recommendation.

I am in Seattle (where we have tons of Salmon) and recently learned a recipe for fish head soup from my (Native American) fisherman. He dries the head in the wind before making a broth, like his grandmother taught him, to preserve the flesh and give it a deeper earthier flavor. I am planning on trying it at my restaurant soon.

What is your favorite way to prepare lady fingers? I just bought spices for a white curry, but I am still open to suggestions.



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