Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Roast pork, with fruit relish

Roast pork, with fruit relish
Me? I've been roasting a lot of pork lately.
Trying to really understand how to do it well -- and make a memorable dish of it. Can't say I've got there yet, but hey its fun to try.
-- this loin was marinated in red wine vinegar, pineapple juice, over night, then stuffed with fresh pineapple and roasted. The meat was subtly flavored, I wonder if I could make that stronger.
Since not even I can eat a whole loin of roast pork at a sitting, I've been having this in sliced helpings over a few days.
When I warm it, I add a little sesame oil, and that really gives it fine, nutty overlay.
The relish is diced pineapple and mango with red chilli pieces -- some thing I've done with black bean beef earlier, on the blog.

Would you like try some? Seriously, if you are into food, and like the kind of stuff I cook (meats predominate right now) -- I'd like to hear from you -- if you can offer thoughtful comments on what you taste.
Leave a note on the blog or let me know on facebook, and I'll get back to you.


Angel said...

Let me get this straight... you're offering free food? of the delectable type you blog about? (oh temptation.....) :)

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

yes basically. :)

but the food will be experimental!

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