Thursday, July 03, 2008

Smoked Eel & Cherry Tomatoes

This is a favorite of mine when in Holland, which it must be said, is not known for its great culinary traditions. But all around Amsterdam, where I am now, various kinds of raw and cured fish can be had, at little stalls. Usually smoked eel is eaten plain -- it is like cold, lightly cooked bacon on the tonge, until you bite in for completely different fishy, eeliness of the thing. its quite terrific plain. (the japanese have it sushi, but i think its cooked or well soaked in soya sauce).
but still there is a film of oil that coats the tonge, and I thought the tart, sweetness of cherry tomatoes might well cut into the oiliness of the eel.

so this time, i went to a super market, and got eel and tomatoes -- and yes, i was right. the juxterposition of tastes and flavors worked as i had thought they might, but also crisp, yet juicy texture of tomatoes contrasted well, with the meatiness of the eel.
Smoked Eel & Cherry Tomatoes

i had seconds; and then i slept.

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N said...

You seem to have an amazing palette there Pradeep!

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