Saturday, August 09, 2008

Stolen! (A follow up)

First off, thanks to every one who commented and commiserated, some anonymously on my stolen photograph. Much good advice and help was also offered so let me update those of you who stopped by:
FASTAds emailed to me, given the intervention of a helpful fellow blogger and told me, that they got the photograph from another website, and didn't know it was mine, and that they are sorry. Okay, good on them to do that much.
Now I hope FASTAds got a release from to use my photograph -- if they didn't, they still do violate the principle involved and if they did -- then however did Sri Lanka Expeditions use a photograph of mine with out permission or even citation. Yes, but its up there -- and I haven't heard any thing from the owners of that site. (I have now, and its been cited. See the apology below in the comments section)

Then, making it all the amazing was a post this morning from N -- showing me that yet another tourism website (goofy foot holidays) was using my picture, with out acknowledgement of course! How many more are out there? I can not even track this! Jeez.

Okay guys, its time to acknowledge the source of the photograph.

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nishanthe said...

Hello Pradeep,
I am Nishanthe the admin of the please accept my apology for publishing one of your photos without your approval. I know all I had to do was put a comment, or send an email for a permission, but it was my earlier days and didn't pay much attention to that kind of matters. So again, Please accept my sincere apology.

I have duly credited you for your photograph now, but if you think Its better to remove it from the site, okay, I will remove it immediately. No problem at all.

Anyways, I should have mentioned here that no one asked (FASTAds or anyone) for a permission to re-publish any image on my site, (even though they asked, how can I give permission to something I dont own) either commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Again, I am really sorry for the unintended fault.
best regards,

kalusudda said...

Hi Pradeep,
I went to the Srilankaexpedition site and now they have your credentials under the photo. But that does not extend them right to distribute the photo. You always can send a DCMA letter to the hosting company.

Anonymous said...

The Sri Lanka Expeditions guys have given you the photo credit. But the other guys haven't as yet.

As for FastAds, you can be more dificult with them and insist they pay you for using the pic.

(That's if you wanna teach them a lesson)

Pradeep Jeganathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pradeep Jeganathan said...

Thanks Nishanthe -- that's fine. Let the photo be; with the acknowledgment

I don't want to 'teach any one a lesson' -- just to make the photoweb more ethical.

looks like this effort worked!

Nishanthe said...

Thank you too, Pradeep is not a commercial site, I actually started it with a good intention to help with ailing Sri Lanka Tourism.

I am not in tourism industry nor I earn anything from To be frank my site ranks 3rd-10th (fluctuates) for the keyword "Sri Lanka Tourism" yet I hardly get 50 unique visitors a day. I have many commercially successful sites, but I keep this site as a service to help with already dwindling Sri Lanka Tourism industry.

Therefore I thank you for helping me to keep that photo as it is. Further, I never distributed others photos as 'kalusudda' implied, I think FASTAds is lying here.

Hilal said...

There are free watermarking programs available. It is a good idea to watermark your images.

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