Friday, September 19, 2008

Fish Stew

Shark isn't the most popular fish in Sri Lanka, I don't think. And in times of trouble, its totally avoided, that I know.
But hey, its has a fleshy taste and chunky texture that I like -- and its half the price of seer. I've trying to work out a really great shark stew, and I've made some progress. Well its basic, but that's what's nice about shark you don't have to do much to it, for the dish to announce its flavor.
What I've been doing -- with modifications -- is stewing fresh shark in a little bit of vinegar and sugar, with quarters of Bombay onions, tomatoes and crushed garlic. Seasoned to taste, of course.

Then I bake this in a closed, heavy, oven proof dish for about 30-40 mins., or 20 in the microwave, which also works well.
This is a low hassle, one dish meal -- let me know if you try it.

Fish Stew

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