Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cours Saleya

I didn't even know it, when I stumbled upon it, just as I crossed the road by the edge of the beach, walked through the arches, and there it was. I was behind on my guidebook, just stumbling around, when I was upon it, Market Street in Nice, Cours Saleya, thought to be the most exciting farmer's market in the whole of the South of France.
Candied Orange Peel, Cours Saleya, Nice
Things they had there to look at, photograph, and even dip a paw into! Paw went dip dip.
Candied fruit was my favorite, and I even bought little bags of the orange peel, and ate it before breakfast. They were really quite wonderful, slightly bitter, tangy and very sweet, exploding in the mouth like the colour I've tried to capture in the photograph.
There were lots of herbs from provence, and regular vegetable as well, but also preserved stuff, like sun dried tomatoes. And whole stalls of fish, shrimp, lobster -- the works.

Candied Fruit, (Saleya Market, Nice) Yes, Sun Dried Tomatos! (Cours Saleya, Nice)

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