Monday, December 01, 2008

Omelette aux Lardon in Antibes

I owe my visit to Antibes to Uday, wonderful new friend and colleague I met in Bellagio. He had visited there while a student, and recalled its beauty. Its a fantastic place, with a old fortress and city, going back again like Nice, to the Greeks. It was then taken over in the fourteenth century by the Girimaldi's of Genoa and still of Monaco & Monte Carlo. In the 1920s the old castle was turned in the museum, and part of it was being used as a workshop in 1946, when Picasso was invited to live and paint there for an year. The castle is now a Picasso Museum, with a collection of his painting and other artists. The court yard that over looks the Mediterranean is a sculpture garden, making it by far the most stunningly beautiful modern art museum I've been to.

Picasso Musuem, Antibes IMG_0114-1 IMG_0113

Sculptures and Sea, Picasso Museum, Antibe

Yes, that was wonderful. Then I walked down to old city and happened upon a small cafe that served only crepes and omelettes. So since I was not feeling like any thing sugarly opted for the Omelette Aux Lardon, which means, with bacon. Huh! I was very hungry and this was really teriffic. To die for, in more ways than one, of course.

Omelette aux Lardons (Antibes)

To make this, and I had chat with the chef, you simply let your chopped bacon cook in a pan, until its sizzling, and then add the well beaten eggs. "How did you beat it," I asked him. "Whisk?"
"No," he said, holding up a knife." I looked suprised. "How do you say.." He went on, "knife and, kinfe and..." which he repeated until he found a fork. "Fork?" I said. And that was that.
You don't need salt or any other kind of fat, since the bacon has both. Amazingly good.


Angel said...

Wow... that looks so delish! I looo...ooove omelette's!

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

yes dr.
i shall say you gave me permission to indulge, when i have my heart attack, and i'm scolded by your colleagues.

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