Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Roast Seer Fish, in Sweet Turmeric Cream

I just had lovely fish dish, which I thought to share.
I took a slice of seer, marinated it in a little vinegar, with a sprinkling of salt, lots of crushed (pressed) garlic, and roasted at 500 F for 12 mins, with sliced Bombay onion and a capsicum.
Its served with a thick sweet turmeric sauce; (two heaped spoons of coconut milk power, to 1/4 cup of hot water, two pinches of turmeric, one pinch of salt, a big teaspoon of sugar, and chille pieces) with pickled olives on the side.


Anjalai said...

you're back- yeay! either that or i am just so out of touch ;)
p/s: the fish looks YUM.

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

thank you!

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