Friday, January 30, 2009

Cumber Relish

Cumber Relish
i owe the idea for this dish to murakami's norwegian wood, where the narrator eats cumbers dipped in soy sauce, wrapped in nori, while waiting on his girl friend's father, who is dieing. the old man, who isn't eating any thing up until that point, sees Taro enjoying the cumbers so much, he starts eating.

i like nori, seaweed sheets, but i can't find them in colombo (:. so I upped the flavor, by mixing tomato paste, wasabi and soy sauce, using it as a garnish for the sliced baby cumbers. with sweetened tomato slivers on top. salt, sweet and nahaya dana (as in kata dana, mouth burn/ nose burn) from the wasabi.

Cumber Relish(ii)

it was a great appetizer.

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