Saturday, February 21, 2009

Orange Mousse

Orange Mousse
I've been working with oranges :).
this time, i tried an orange mousse -- trying to simplify the rather complex way its usually done. I didn't use any eggs at all, I think that does work.
I beat half a cup of whipping cream (now available from anchor, 125 ml@Rs. 160, which I think is very good value), and folded in 1/4 cup of orange cordial, 1/8 cup (that 30 ml, very little) of Grand Mainer, which has been added to the kitchen cabinet following a suggestion of Deshan's (hey, thanks!), and a teaspoon of gelatin, dissolved in two tablespoons of water. Yes that was it.

Orange Mousse (ii)

At the bottom of the serving glass, (I picked small cognac glasses -- but shot glasses might have better), I added more of the cordial/liquor mixture, and fresh pieces of orange, sliced up thin. Spooned in the beaten cream. Garnished the top with more fresh orange, and refrigerated it.

The mousse held up with out egg, I thought -- so that was fine, but the cream layer was too deep for my taste; it should be shallower, with another layer on top. But working through the very lightly flavored, and lightly textured cream was a pleasure, to reach the sharp, sweet liqour bellow.

I shall try this again, some time, I hope. Adding blanched peel, which I have described elsewhere would be great, I think.


JP said...

tried it...was great

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

super cool! any suggestions for improvement?

oscar said...

I really adore your work, Sir. personally i love food, especially dessert. but can;t take picture like your. anyway, i want to put this orange mousse on my blog. i really love the color.

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