Friday, April 10, 2009

Leeks Cumber Salad

Leeks Cumber Salad

This salad, which turned out quite nice, is for Sharni, who told me recently that she was waiting for more vegan recipes on my blog!
I enjoyed this for lunch, recently and it was really simple to make. Then I realized it may be vegan. :)
Slice a cumber (i like finger cumbers, because they look super cute, but any cumber would do) into small length wise strips, after washing, peeling and cleaning it. Dress it with a tiny bit of good sesame oil, an inch of wasabi paste, a teaspoon of sugar, a capful of vinegar (i used cider vinegar, this time), and two pinches of salt. Taste it and adjusts the balance of the flavors. The sugar brings out the heat of the wasabi beautifully, I think.

Wash and slice the leeks finely (i didn't have the end of the root in vegetable drawer, just the top part), and blanch for 2 mins. (let it sit in fresh boiled water for 2 mins). drain well, even patting drying with kitchen paper, and plate in a doughnut shape, adding drops of sesame oil and sprinkling salt over it. Spoon the cumber in the center. Sprinkle every thing with fresh black pepper.

The flavorings are subtle here, the highlights are the crunch of the leeks and smooth moisture of cumber, which have there own, lovely taste. As you bite in though, there are hints of heat (wasabi) and sweetness/tartness, blended with the nuttiness of the sesame.

I feel very virtuousness having had a vegan lunch, and I hope Sharni likes this!
Leeks Cumber Salad


Aruni said...

Tried your recipe for the leek salad today...thanks for sharing the recipe. Had fun preparing it. Turned out really well. Nice wasabi and sugar combination. My only regret--not making more!

Pradeep Jeganathan said...


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