Friday, June 04, 2010

Steamed Garoupa

Steamed Garoupa
Originally uploaded by pradeep jeganathan.
this is the simplest of dishes, if you can find fresh Garoupa. I've found it at fresh fish from time to time, but perhaps readers would know of other markets where its available.

Have it cleaned in the store, or do so at home, (that is: descaled, gutted, well washed) -- marinade it with a delicate vinegar you like, a little sugar, salt or soy sauce, ground ginger and green chilles (in this version, I used the MD sauce, which is really awesome!).

Then i steamed it, less the five mins on each side. I thought it was great, delicate, yet substantial on the mouth, sweet, sour, and hot, with my flavorings.

A great lunch!

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