Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bombay Onion Marmalade

I started making pates recently, and surprisingly it went well. Again, its some thing I thought was beyond me, but its not, its way easy. But we finished all the nice pate I made -- so I'll come back to that with some photographs. Today, I just wanted to blog its lovely complement, Onion marmalade which is as easy.
 Onion Marmalade
(My recipes is from Kuntz & Kaminsky's Elements of Taste)
I use Bombay onions, which are also called big onions, which are a kind of shallot. They are as everyone knows, super tasty, but this marmalade changes their texture to a softness that's rare. So slice two large onions, and boil it down with two cups of red wine, and half a cup of red wine vinegar. Or cider or a subtle Chinese vinegar. I've never tried this with regular coconut vinegar, I suspect this will be too strong and crude for a complex taste in the end. Just boil it down in a heavy bottomed pan. Keep add little bits of Kithul treacle -- (or maple syrup) -- one table spoon at a time, as it boils down. When the liquid is nearly done -- add salt and pepper, fresh ground is best -- if you have a grinder, white pepper will give it a subtler heat than black--and you are ready to serve this on crackers. Pate or cold vegetables are great with this. It is the aroma of the vinigar that hits you first, and the tartness of the vinegar, on the tongue. Its soft, but there may be tiny crunch, and then the sweetness of onion lingers with the kithul. Yes, you'd want another bit.
Onion Marmalade & on Karapincha crackers, with Chicken Pate

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