Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shreded green chillie omlete

Here is one way to make a shredded omelet, which ends up sort of like an egg kottu, without the roti, in a way.
And so this one is for indi and mahangu, who made kottu.org for us.


slice a bombay onion (thats a shallot like thingy), crush a clove of garlic, and chop three green chilies fine. and sauté all of it a tiny bit of olive oil.
remove the stuff from the skillet, when onions are transparent.
beat two eggs, until frothing, and add little water, two or thimbles, no more (not milk) – and beat again. season with a pinch of salt and peppr. Heat up the skillet again (I use cast iron dutch ovens) with a tiny bit of butter, this time, and pour in the beaten eggs. Wait as a soft pancake forms, break it gently several times with your spatula, letting the tears heal with the uncooked mixture. When its nearly all done add the previously sautéed stuff, and break it all up.

I like to garnish this with MD green chillie sauce, which is a marvoulous thing.


nazsansoni said...

will you come and cook for us?

pradeep-jeganathan said...

no, no -- you and Dominic must come over, when we all have some time.

but you know what, i want to do a cook book :)

savi3 said...

mmm... brings back memories of breakfast at home in SL * sigh *

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