Friday, May 18, 2007

Omelets, considered

Yolk Yellow(ii) Breakfast Red slivers and Yellow curls Cheese & Green Chillie Omelet
One of the pleasure of a food blog, is re-collecting old posts.
Since I migrated my-halflife to new-blogger, which has an indexing feature that old-blogger didn't have, these re-collections have become simpler and more organized. So I realized I've done four omelet posts, for example. Re-reading them, I thought to surf around the web, and check out how other people do their omelets.
And there seems to be a lot of different opinions on the matter. Some, like Pineapple Girl add milk, but most as it turns out don't. Whisking to a froth is recomended by several, but Delia (who has the best series of how-to pictures) insists that one should not - she just blends her yolks and whites. Adding chopped herbs to the blended or whisked eggs, is a basic of the classic (french) omelete, Pim over at Chez Pim, who blogs beautifully, reminds us -- and this Chili Cheese Omelete, on the BBC's well designed Good Food site adds the chopped Chilie right in the mix.
My own method is to add a little water to my eggs, whisk well to a froth, some times adding a little grated cheese into the mix. Up above are thumbnails of my old posts -- just for colour, fun, and the pleasure of recollecting.
But my question is, 'how do you do your omelet?'

Green and Cheese


Java Jones said...

Okay, here's Java's:

Beat the eggs with a bit of milk to a light froth, adding the pepper and salt. Get some butter in that pan and after heating put in your chopped onions, garlic and a bit of sliced green chillie. Cook until lightly browned and then add some sliced mushroom which are then sauteed with the onions, etc. Add the beaten egg and cover for just a bit. As the mix is setting, add some grated cheese and spread a few chopped cherry tomatoes and a sprinkling of parsley. Cover until it starts to swell slightly.

This could either be folded or kept 'open' until it looks a bit like a fluffy pizza.

Then scoff on. Hope you enjoy the result.

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

Hey thank you Java. I'm going to try that.

Darwin said...

Ok here's mine;

Fry up some sliced button mushrooms. Set aside. Chop up salami or pepperoni or ham, set aside. Grate cheese, set aside. Beat eggs together with ground black pepper and italian herbs. Pour into a hot frying pan with a little bit of olive oil. Once the egg has cooked at the bottom, chuck the pan under the grill for about a min to cook the top. Take out of the grill and cover the top with a few spoons of a tomato based pasta sauce. Top with fried mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese. Chuck back under grill until cheese melts and is golden brown. Sprinkle on top with some italian herbs and it's done!

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

i like the grilling part; making it like a omelet/pizza, almost. must try that also.
thank you!

chasingbawa said...

I do mine with some Japanese soy sauce, a bit of sesame oil and tobanjan (Chinese chilli bean paste). I mix everything, pour it into a hot pan and mix until it sets lightly, then fold. Yum.

I also do a Japanese omelette with some dashi and nori and roll the omelette, so that you get alternate layers of egg and nori.

But omelette with green chillies, onion and tomato always remind me of Sri Lanka.

Daniels said...

Maxa post and sum yummy omelets as well.!! ;)

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