Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bombs and Cream

Sand and drift wood
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Nissanka who drives my car was turning into liberty plaza car park, when gold fm annouced the train bomb. inside, at the stationary store counter, i just said to the girl while she ran my credit card, 'another bomb, huh' (thava bombayak gihilla ne?) and she said, 'yeah, you'd be scared to just walk on the roads now.'
in keels, they didn't have the unsweetened cream and i needed for my mousse, and i had to get the pre-sweetened red man again. i asked a manager, and he was very helpful but they were out. then when i was signing my card slip, i saw news first, with footage of the blast. iasked the keels girl, 'how many have died? cos I couldn't hear the sound of the TV, and she said, 'its 7 now, isn't it?'

the guy took my stuff to the car which was two levels up, and when he was doing that, i just wanted to sit in the car park, and throw all that stuff i bought away, and just cry for this messed up country.
i but i didn't, i just went home.

today, ms. philomina, the kind, nice lady who cleans our building, she works for abans, really, but she is a regular, didn't come for work, and every one says she took that train every day, and she must have been on it.

i'm really hoping she is actually okay, and may be just took the day off?

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Pradeep Jeganathan said...

Philomena is fine, as it turns out she was in car number six, and the bomb was in four.

nissanka's aunty though, who i don't know at all, died in car number four. what a thing.

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