Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dosa or Dosai or Thosai

SC, the kind critter who cooks my lunch and does other house keeping things in the apartment, made dosai for lunch today. Which I had with fish head curry, and coconut sambol. I was very hungry, but I stopped long enough for a photograph.

when she makes it, and generally, when Dosa is made at home in Sri Lanka, at least in the south, which includes my mother's kitchen, and she is from the north, originally, as they say -- the thing is a soft, thick pancake.

but that's quite different, in size, texture and taste, from the south Indian variety, which I love even more -- crisp, paper thin, rolled up, and eaten with a wet coconut chutney.

Here is one I got from Shanthi Vihar, the restaurant at Thunmulla, in Colombo, served on a banana leaf, with red and green coconut chutney.


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