Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An Amazing Snack

I had missed this the last several times I was here in the Netherlands, nobody told me about it, and this omission is going to be inquired into!
I discovered it by myself as it, only to be told by others and find also, that its very much part of local fare, (available on several menues) -- and I must say, quite a treat.

Warm Goat Cheese with Honey

What is it? Warm goat cheese, heated so that is soft, moist, half melted, with crust which sits around it, floating almost, drizzled with honey and topped with thyme. It is served with bread rolls, and butter.
And Oh boy, is it beyond tasty! I had it twice.


Lady divine said...

this looks awesome!!!!
Mouth watering!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

at the minimum, you should say what it is called

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

Its called goat cheese with honey, in the English menus, at least :)

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