Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lentils and Rice or a New Kichari

Kichari is an Indian way making rice and dhal (lentils) together; its considered very basic, some times eaten like a porridge in the mornings, or through out the day, as a nourishing but inexpensive snack.
I tried a variation the other day, keeping of course with the basic idea, but changing the seasonings around so that its a fusion of difference. It worked, for me at least.

Garlic, Shallots and Tomatos

To make this, first boil the equal potions of rice and mysoor dhal (the bright orange kind is what I mean), until soft. This is easy to do, and quick in a microwave. In mine, with a covered micro-proof dish I have, it takes 20 mins or less. I use three times of water, as the rice dhal compound.

Lentils and Rice or a New Kitchari (pan on stove)

Then I sauteed the rice dhal mixture in shallots, garlic and olive oil, adding salt gradually and when it was well mixed and simmering, added the fresh sliced red tomatoes.
Yes, it was pretty good!

Lentils and Rice or a New Kitchari (plate)


santhoshi said...

Hi Love your blog and photos. Kichadi is a north indian dish. There is the south indian variation of this called "Ven Pongal". It is the best breakfast dish. Have u had that?

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

yes, i've had that. its more complicated, isn't it? my mother makes that for pongal, and there is a sweet variety also she does.

jay said...

Was keeping my eye on this to turn up!!! Now I'm going to make this during the weekend and please check out my flickr stream for my version of this..

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