Monday, November 17, 2008

Stock Braised Chicken, with Green Chillie

I'm kinda behind on my blog.
Not because I haven't been cooking; in fact I've been trying my hand at a few new dishes, giant orange shrimp (with a oranage reduction and blanched peel)-- which turned out a winner, is one. But I made it at night for a dear friend, and I don't really take food pictures with artificial light.
So a full account of that will have to wait.
I have also been working on various ways of braising chicken; which can keep the chicken moist yet flavorful. Which Sri Lankan chicken curry which I eat all the time, remains a great favorite of mine -- there is a way that the power of cumin, coriander and other stuff overwhelms the chickiness of the dish.
Brining, (which means marinating in a high salt solution, over night or so) is a way to infuse what ever meat you are cooking with flavor, keeping it is extra moist in the process. This is because osmosis allows for the flavors of the marinade to enter the chicken as it sits in the high concentration salt.

Chopped Chicken Leg, Green Chillies and Stock Brine. Chicken in Stock Brine

Some times, you have to wash the meat before you cook it, since the salt coating can be too strong, but still the soaked in flavors can work wonderfully.
Earlier, I was brining slices of pork loin, which I was pan roasting.
Rcently, it was chicken, brinined in broth and then braised in the oven.
Once you've got your stock ready, this is a easy, 20 min quick, inexpensive but resteraunt quality dish.

Stock Braised Chicken, with Green Chillie


Sasani said...

Looks good!
When you soak chicken or pork in broth do you keep it in the open, overnight?
I'm always a bit worried about the 'bacteria' factor.

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

well covered, in the fridge. if the meat is fresh, there shouldn't be a problem at all!

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