Thursday, March 05, 2009

food after a conference

i was in delhi from the 24th Feb., to the 4th of March, first for a conference to celebrate to golden jubilee of the department of sociology, at the delhi school of economics, and then to visit with old friends.
many valued colleagues, were involved in organizing the event which was on 'location' and anthropological and sociological traditions; I presented a re-working of a set of older articles on 'violence' and 'anthropology,' which i managed to do okay. It was well received, and this made me happy.

(some of the people who were on the organizing committee: rajni is missing).

Satish DeshpandeDeepak Rabindra Ray

each day, we had lovely lunches on the lawn of the sociology department; on the last day, a interesting set of sweets and savories were served before a late lunch, so that the conference could keeping going with out a break. the students, who were working very hard, plated the food, with the help of the caterers.

Sweet & Hot, being plated

note the green chille and chips, with the cake! marvelous!

Sweet & Hot. with tea

then, we had lunch! some thing special on the last day, was the pan fried, stuffed vegetable platter, which is called a thana (i think, i may have got this wrong). anyway, it was a new experience. There were green peppers, eggplant, okra and bitter gourd!

IMG_0673 IMG_0676

then every one enjoyed their food. its a place i've visited before, and one of great memories.

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