Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Orange Shrimp, again in Delhi!

Appu, a young friend who lives in Delhi, has been interested in my cooking adventures for some time. Ages ago, he asked me write up a prawn recipe for him; but I didn't get around to it for ever. then, as the food blog got going, i did blog my favorite prawn recipe, which i worked on and tried to improve -- my most recent effort being a new variation with orange sauce and blanched peel. When I posted this link on Appu's facebook wall, he said he'd like me to cook it at his place, when i visited.

And so, it worked out! Appu's mother Mary got the ingredients, (peeled jumbo prawns, and oranges) and did all the preparation, with help from him (Appu was right that the peel had to heavily salted to draw out the bitterness) -- then we cooked it. It took a few hours of intensive work ( we were cooking for 10-12, and I'd never made the dish to this scale before), and reduction of the prawn sauce and organge juice was a challenge but the results were pretty good. The major error I made was blanching to peel to long, (it should be 30 secs., not 3 mins) so it didn't have its super citrus burst, but then that was a good lesson for me!
also i learnt about a new kitchen aid utensil while cooking, with Mary and Appu -- a steel grip, which comes in very handy, with hot dishes and pans, that eliminates the need for bulky paw pads! A few days later, Mary and Satish gifted me a beautifully wrapped one of my own.

Thank you!


Appu, Mary & Satish said...

Since the aura of your prawn dish lingered long after it had been devoured, amma went looking for another round of jumbo prawns...
Alas, only Seer fish was available that day in the market, and so we used the principle of your prawn recipe on the fish with a garlic and green chilly marinade. Appa and me felt the flavour could have been stronger, even so it came out well. Hopefully the prawns will be available next time!

The photographs have come out really well, particularly of the 'pakad' (metal grip).


Pradeep Jeganathan said...

that's great, you worked on a new dish, building on the prawns. its just like good old fashion social science, isn't it?

nice to have you guys leave a comment, and happy birthday to the birth day boy, and happy first public outing for us postnationals!

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