Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lunch at Blanco's (Khan Market, Delhi)

Nivi, Adithya and their son Niru took me out to lunch at this lovely restaurant in Delhi, after the conference. Since I was all done with work as such, and it was the weekend to boot, we started with drinks. I had my favorite vodka martini, but nivi's drink looked tempting also :).
Vodka Martini (Blanco's - Delhi) Drinks before lunch

then we had appetizers.
in india, my friends never order the mains with the appetizers. they eat what comes, wait, decide if they want more appetizers, and then if they want more drinks, and then order the entree. its like my school friends here in colombo, when they have bites before dinner. but then they like to go to another place for dinner. i like the delhi system, you don't have to move, after you sit down. :)
the appetizers here were great. the asparagus and wasabi mash wraps were a subtle, yet tangy treat, and the shrimp and pork wraps (a new combo for me), with hot sweet sauce went down very well.

Asparagus and Wasabi Mach Wraps. (Blanco's, Delhi)

note to self: i should try asparagus wraps at home!

Shrimp and Pork wraps, with hot/sweet sauce. (Blanco's, Delhi)

my main dish was grilled salmon, with orange sauce. it was very nice, but not as prefect at the appetizers; mainly the orange sauce being slightly too sweet, and not that citrussy. I prefer the orange reductions I've been working on, that mix sweet, citrus and bitter in a balanced way. But still it was a treat to have salmon.

Grilled Salmon with Orange Sauce (Blanco's, Delhi)

Then in helpless over indulgence, I had the triple chocolate mousse for dessert. I think it hard to make softer mousse, and have them keep, but I do I prefer this. I must work on chocolate mousses, and see what I can do.

Triple Chocolate Mousse (Blanco's, Delhi)

what a lovely lunch it was!


Nivedita said...

Hey Pradeep, that was a fun lunch, wasn't it...I could do with one of those martinis right about now...Here's to more of everything - Nivi

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

yes, we must have more meals next time!

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