Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chocolate Coated Meringue, with Ganache & Cream

Chocolate Coated Meringues, with Ganache and Cream-iv

It worked! I'm very excited. I made my own meringues. No, I would not say it is as easy as making chocolate coating -- but it worked. The main point, which I took my one failed attempt to get, is to use twice (2x) the weight of  sugar to eggwhites. I crushed the sugar in a mixer starting with regular sugar, weighed my eggs whites after separating and straining them, and then added the sugar slowly, after beating them to peaks. Bake at 120-100 C, for 80-90 mins. Make the chocolate coating as before, dip the meringues in, set aside, add some hot cream into the left over chocolate for the ganache, pour into the ramkin, place the coated meringue in, and then pour a little cream around. 10 mins in the fridge sets it all.
Chocolate Coated Meringues, with Ganache and Cream-iiiChocolate Coated Meringues, with Ganache and Cream-ii
Its just chocolate indulgence, but the crumble of the meringue makes it special.

Please do ask if you have questions about making this at home. Or make suggestions. I did try the Kandos cooking chocolate ( as suggested in a comment)-- and I think I didn't get the really fancy one yet -- but the regular Kandos cooking, isn't really better than the Ritzbury, in my opinion.

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NIDHYA said...

Meringue with chocolate looks yum..

Aaha Oho

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