Friday, February 18, 2011

Pad Thai

Pad Thai
I thought I knew how to do this, and did. And it was good. But having a blog helps me learn -- when I started trying to write out my method, I thought I should look around the web for how its done by others. And now I feel my way wasn't 'right.' Not that I'm against changing things around, I just feel I've been missing what's what about this dish. So here is a promise to work it out, and write out a proper Pad Thai in Sri Lanka recipe and method soon!

Until then I think Pim's blog, which has a really detailed account, is the best guide.


Anonymous said...

I've made Pad Thai using Pim's instructions and would love to read your Sri Lankan version of it.

Asha de Vos said...

Do you really put up all these delicious foods with no recipes? I'm feeling very tortured.

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