Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Coated Meringues or Kisses

Chocolate coated Meringues (kisses) -2
Yes, I've dipped my paw in chocolate. I am so pleased! Another first for my little food blog -- since I've never made any thing chocolate before. How did that happen? Well, I've read about it, and it seemed complicated, so I left it to the experts. But its not -- well, some thing may be, but just coating some thing with a googy layer of chocolate, and then letting it set -- well, its almost easier than eating the said thing, I tell you.
The kisses in the picture are supermarket ones (Edmunds, many in a bag! all gone now (:) -- the coating is home made. To do it, you get cooking chocolate (available every where -- I used Ritzbury caterer's superfine (Rs.250 for 400g) here, but Kandos has one also) and you melt it. You can melt it in a bowl over hot water, and I you need a pyrex bowl for this -- but you are also do it the microwave, 1 min at a time 2-3 times at half power, and its melted. My. Then just dip the little critter in -- and it sets. So easy. Gives awhole another dimension of texture, soft, bitter, sweet to the soft, airy crunch of the kiss. And when it all mixes up in your mouth, the chocolate coats each granule. Marvelous.
Chocolate coated Meringues (kisses) -1

My sense is that there will be a lot more chocolate in my halflife now.


rajani said...

good for you!!! looking forward to some exotic chocolate fusion recipe!

Pradeep Jeganathan said...

yes, i've been thinking. I saw your chilli chocolate soup. that's wild. a friend of mine is interested in chocolate and bacon. i'm still thinking...

Angel said...

Yum... I'm thinking of kisses coated in nutella!

Anonymous said...

Not to sound like an advertisement but the Kandos chocolate is so much better than Ritzbury. Just try it.

al-kahinat said...

this is a modified version of a raw chocolate cake recipe i found on the net; you may need to play with it to get the right consistency, but it really tastes yummy!

1/2 cup cacao pwd
1/2 cup ground almonds (i also added cashew)
1/3 cup agave syrup (i used honey)

whip this in the blender (using the chopping device so it mixes, and is thick; this is the crust)


2 cups cacao
1/2 cup agave or honey
i added some avocado too
i added a bit of cinnamon for flavour

blend well, so its smooth, and can be poured into the crust. should flow thickly (you know what i mean!)

topping: any fresh fruit. when i made it nothing nice was available, so i used tinned strawberries. next time, it'll be fresh mango or something like that!

So once you make the crust, and shape it in whichever shape you like; pour in the filling; put it into the fridge for a couple of hours; then decorate with fruit. sending you a picture of mine. it looks a bit messy but was really tasty!

enjoy - and tell me what you think, once you make it!


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